Today, women in Iran are at the forefront of creating positive change in their communities and their country.  They are struggling to reform the laws for women, improve education for girls in rural areas, improve their status within their families, and in the economy, and help bring democracy to their nation.  To support their struggle is to support the advancement of all societies. When women are supported, children grow up in less ignorance and less violence, with greater opportunities, and bright futures. Supporting the advancement of women in Iran is an investment in the future of the country, the region, and in the world. In order for us to continue this caliber of work we will need your support.   There are many opportunities to support our work.

With your generous donation Iran Rooyan will be able to:

  • document stories
  • produce reports 
  • inform the international community 
  • advocate for women & girls’ rights
  • create educational and training material 

Financial support will allow us to not only continue our work but if you designate your support to one of our programs we will update you yearly on the particular event or work. Iran Rooyan is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.  

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