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Traveling solo has grown over the years with more and more people opting to leave behind friends and family. Many times, when making travel plans with others, the plans fall through the cracks and people back out. That only leaves two options — cancel the trip or travel alone. If you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind being alone, the latter is more ideal. It has been said that solo travel to Iran is not very common, however, there are certain places that are definitely more suitable for solo travel than others. Iran is a place rich with history and there is much to see and do. When visiting Iran alone, it is ideal to stick to cities that are accustomed to having tourists pass by and it is also wise to plan your trip well before taking off on your journey. Here are the best places to visit in Iran when traveling solo.


With a population of over 12.2 million people, it goes without saying that Tehran is a frequently-visited destination of tourists from all around the world. Being a well-populated area, it is hard to ever feel lonely in the city and proves to be pretty safe. Some popular places to visit while in the area is the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA), which is home to modern artworks from both Iranian and International artists. Another well-known place to visit is Laleh Park, which is a great place to go for a nice stroll to do some people watching, and also the Milad Tower and Grand Bazaar to really take in some of the Iranian culture.


Isfahan is an extremely popular destination for tourists, making it one of the best places for solo travelers. Isfahan is known for its beautiful sights, which are among the most impressive in the entire country. You can’t visit the area without going to Imam Square which is located in the heart of the city where many sites like the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and the Ali Qapu Palace are. Also situated nearby is the Masjed-e-Jameh, one of the most well-known mosques in the country with magnificent architecture.

Iran is a place rich with history


Kashan is located in the province of Isfahan and is divided into two parts, the mountains and the desert. It is said to be believed that the Magi (or the three wise men) who visited baby Jesus bearing gifts came from the city of Kashan. Today, Kashan is mostly known for its gorgeous traditional architecture, such as some of the old houses where the interiors are dazzling with mirrors, stained glass work, and frescoes adorning all of the buildings.


Located at the foothills of the Payeh mountains, the ancient city of Kerman dates back to the 3rd century AD. Kerman is well known for its complicated qanat water system, which brings water into the city. It is also famous for its carpet and kilim industry, which are handmade in hundreds of small workshops and factories all over the city. Some attractions worth visiting include the Sheketeh Farsh carpet factory, the Bazar-e Vakil, parts of which date back to the Safavid period and the Imam Mosque, built in the Seljuk era.


Persepolis, built sometime between 550-330 BC, is one of the most famous historical sights in Iran and well worth the visit. It was once the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid dynasty. Nearby, you can also stop by Naqsh-e-Rostom, an ancient necropolis located just 12 km outside of the city. These tombs belonged to four Achaemenid kings and are carved out of the rock face from a very high point. One of the tombs has been identified as being that of Darius I, the others are thought to be Xerxes I, Artaxerxes I and Darius II.


The capital of the East Azerbaijan Province, also known as Tabriz, has much history. The Tabriz Bazaar was once a major Silk Road market that still sells everything from spices to jewelry and carpets. Also located in the city is the Kabud Mosque, or the Blue Mosque, a beautiful mosque that was built in 1465 and is now a city landmark. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the city, the Azerbaijan Museum is the place to visit, which is home to prehistoric artifacts as well as sculptures by Iranian artist, Ahad Hosseini.

Views of the Silk Road in Iran


For me, there’s nothing like traveling solo. There’s no one to slow you down or go back and forth with on where to eat or what sites to see. Plus, when traveling, I like to have a day of relaxation where I don’t do anything at all. I’ll confine myself to my hotel room, order room service, and go for a massage. No matter where I am, I also enjoy competing in my favorite card games at and There is nothing like traveling solo, being allowed to do whatever it is that you like to do. If you’re planning a solo trip to the Middle East anytime soon, don’t forget to hit up Iran and these popular destinations.